I am a rigorous artistic researcher whose work examines and critiques topics relevant to mind, body/human, ontology and space. I expand the idea of forensic methodology through the merging of subjective and experiential data collection with sampling, fieldwork and deep immersion. My artistic practice has evolved to include many phases of both academic and nontraditional inquiry as I develop situations of observation for understanding the body in relation to other bodies.

Poised between the contradictory tendencies of hard and soft sciences, my work seeks to understand the poetics of existence and how we navigate, challenge or question our boundary toward the unknown within the structure of what is known.

Performance is inherently part of this arduous search for understanding, allowing me to extend my body, across time and form and space.  Inspired by the systems we use to construct meaning, my work carries me into speculative worlds where it is possible to blur the line between science fact and fiction, familiar and strange.

I work across many disciplines including sound, video, drawing, print, new media, digital media, performance, and sculpture. Within each project my research is presented with all of its nuance, unformed thoughts, and poetic connections to the abstract. By constructing ambiguous spaces around the central topics of the work I situate the viewer as an observer of the research, made to interpret the subtleties and create connections based on what is known.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass and Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I was a 2018 Artist in Residence at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and recipient of their Assets for Artists Grant. Additionally I was a RISD Graduate Student Fellow in 2014, ‘15, and ‘16, and recipient of the Rhode Island School of Design President's Scholarship and Friends of Glass Scholarship.  I have exhibited work in several group shows as well as independently in Rhode Island and at the Providence Art + Design Film Festival in 2016 as well as at the Madison Children’s Museum in Madison, WI, in 2014.