41˚44'N, 71˚17'W

41˚44'N, 71˚17'W

25 November 2015

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015, at 41˚44’N, 71˚17’W over the course of a 20 hour period, I conducted a durational/observational performance. I marked and measured the various water-lines achieved throughout the day as the water receded from high tide, returned again and receded once more. Artifacts of the performance include a log book (transcribed), tide marking posts, photographs (digital contact sheet pictured), and a 95 foot string. 


6:44am (sunrise), 22˚Fahrenheit. +5.8 feet* (first high tide)

7:44am, 27˚Fahrenheit. no data

8:44am, --˚Fahrenheit. +4.55 feet

9:44am, 39˚Fahrenheit. +2.3 feet

10:44am, 45˚Fahrenheit. +1.175 feet

11:29am (zenith). All of the shadows of the posts line up.

11:44am, --˚Fahrenheit. +0.05 feet

12:35pm, --˚Fahrenheit. -0.0333... feet (low tide)

12:54pm, 46˚Fahrenheit.

Despite low tide occurring at 35 minutes past the hour measurements will still occur on every 44th minute of the hour, for accuracy, or consistency.

1:44pm, --˚Fahrenheit. 89 feet**

2:44pm, 46˚Fahrenheit. 71 feet

3:44pm, --˚Fahrenheit. 64 feet

4:09 to 4:14pm (sunset), no data.

4:44pm, --˚Fahrenheit. 44 feet

4:55pm (moonrise), --˚Fahrenheit.

5:44pm, --˚Fahrenheit. 22 feet

5:50pm, --˚Fahrenheit.  

Post 5 has fallen over, knocked over by the surf. It has knocked over post 11 with it. Both posts float to shore. 


Post 7 has fallen now too. It turns up later, 114 feet west. 

6:44pm, --˚Fahrenheit.. 12 feet 

6:47pm, --˚Fahrenheit.

7-7:17pm, --˚Fahrenheit. No data (second high tide). 

I do not measure. I wait. The water will recede again. 



* Measurements are given as the amount the water has dropped from the horizontal zero point of 5.8 feet (the expected high tide for the day)

** Measurements post-low tide are given as the distance the waterline is from the zero marker point (the high-tide waterline)