Update: magnets


I am now two weeks into my residency at the Studios at MASS MoCA, and thought it would be a good day to step back from what I have been terming 'the screen printing time slip' or that thing that happens when you work several 12+ hour days in the studio and forget that daylight happens and that there are other reasons you are here. I took the morning to catch up on emails and to do prep work for upcoming financial wellness seminars I am participating in (the first, Financial Training (aka bootcamp), will happen tomorrow, and three others are scheduled over the next few weeks). I also made an attempt to plan the remainder of my time here as to make the most out of the next two weeks, which is why I found myself playing with dirt and magnets.

As part of my proposed plans for the residency I am developing a project involving meteors, tektites,  the extraterrestrial, and a society of researchers of pre-biotic compounds and life on earth. In the initial phases of the project, I spent time conducting research on meteorite and tektite formation, meteorite composition, strewn field geography and mapping, etc, as well as collecting field samples of soil and rock from the American southwest, where the societies headquarters are located. Today I have finally started working with the soil samples:



Re: jumpsuit

The hooded jacket and jumpsuit samples are complete, with some minor issues to be worked out in sizing… I botched the crotch stitching on the jumpsuit making the fit uncomfortably tight in the hips, butt, and legs. I think I'll be removing some stitching later this week in order to try attaching the legs again. Hopefully some more careful sewing will help with the fitting. I may also need to add length to the torso, but I'm going to try adjusting this piece before cutting a new pattern altogether. As for the jacket, the fit is great, and aside from spending a few hours learning how to sew on facing, it was really very easy. I'll be sewing it in the gold/brown fabric hanging on the wall (pictured) as soon as I get another zipper.